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Candle Making Information

How To Make Candles At Home

Candle making dates back to 3000 BC. Until the early 1900s they were needed for artificial light. Now, though no longer a necessity, candles can still be found in most homes. Throughout history, candles have served as rich traditions in religious services for many faiths. Today, the candle is no longer the single source of light, but is commonly used for birthday celebrations, holidays, and as home decorations.

Candle making for fun and profit.

Candles are created by collecting wax from oils, animals, or vegetables. It’s a flexible art that can be done at home for recreation, or with certain skill and practice, can produce a lucrative income. Creating your own candles is an exciting craft and it's super easy to get started. A few simple ingredients and some basic tools and equipment are all you need to begin making gorgeous, fragrant candles. And what’s best of all is that you probably have much of the needed equipment sitting in your kitchen or garage!

How To Make Candles

Candle making is a fun way to express your creativity that can be shared with others. Candles have a remarkable power to transform any room by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The art of candle making can be mastered by anyone with practice and by following our simple step by step instructions. There are many different types of candles and we will show you how to make different styles that you can personalize to your liking. Creating candles from scratch is a rewarding experience you get to design from beginning to end.

Candle Making Supplies and Candle Making Instructions

When making candles from scratch, you will need to make sure you have the proper tools and supplies to get started. You’ll need everything from candle molds, to wax and fragrance oils, to wicks and pans. You can find a lot of these tools in your home already. For the rest, try your local craft store or search online.

Follow the links below to learn about candle waxes, wicks and molds. There are also several links to candle making instructions for different types of candles.

Get more candle information from the National Candle Association.

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